From the leather choice to its colour to the sizing and fit, each step of manufacture takes into consideration your customisation choices, resulting in a unique experience creating your own jacket.

You are looking for a bicolour jacket or a mix of suede and lambskin?

Let your desires and your imagination decide  whether it’s about the wardrobe-staple, timeless, black leather jacket, or a more adventurous leather jacket in your choice of colour

Everything is customisable from the sleeves to the collar including pockets, lapel etc…

If you wish to be guided on the colours choices, zips etc… Please contact us at

The colours:

  • Lambskin:
    Black, Grey “Carbon”, Navy blue, Red, Burgundy, Green forest, Olive, Brown, Beige, Walnut, Pink chamois, White
  • Lambskin velours:
    Black, Navy blue, Red, Burgundy, Green forest
  • Goat velours:
    Black, brick, Ochre, Taupe, Navy blue, Burgundy, Green forest, Baby blue, Red
  • Jersey trim:
    We currently have 3 colours of jersey trim: Black, brown, navy blue.

The hardware is all in nickel but you can choose the colour of the zipper’s fabric. .

For instance, you might choose a YKK zipper fabric in black allowing a slight contrast which is very interesting when you choose a light colour for your hide.

We can also make the zippers with a colour matching your leather. Each choice brings a personal touch to the jacket as you select the options that you like the most.

Our team is by your side in every step of the conception of your leather jacket.

If you wish to be guided on the colours choices, zips etc… Please contact us at



Lambskin velours: